Wednesday, April 29, 2015


In class we have been learning about Anzac day and what it all means.  The children were asked to write about what they had learnt.  These are displayed in the classroom.

On ANZAC Day people went to war to protect us from evil.  The letters in ANZAC stand for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.  Australia and New Zealand joined forces and stopped evil from harming us.  In World War 1, 1710 people died in the war for us.  Poppies represent Anzac day because they grew wild in the battlefields where they died.  It was a super sad true story.
By Carter Aitken

100 years ago there were soldiers and they were people who were called ANZACs.  They fought for New Zealand and at the battlefield where the soldiers were poppies grew.  The ANZACs had badges.  They had army tanks, guns, helicopters and jet planes that dropped bombs.  We will remember them.
By Harley Andrew

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